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What’s the 1 thing Southerners can’t live without?

You guessed it…SWEET TEA!!!

We’ve created a way for you to take your sweet tea with you everywhere.

Introducing Southern Sweet Tea Pops, our tasty gourmet lollipops
are made with FRESHLY Brewed Sweet Tea.

We support our local businesses, which is why all the flavors we add into our lollipops comes from LOUISIANA LOCALLY GROWN products.

Sweet Tea Pops works with local organizations to help out our communiTEA any way we can. Recently we teamed up with a local Shreveport ministry involved with The HUB called Purchased: Not For Sale. The job opportunity for the women in this program includes sorting and packaging our Sweet Tea Pops. Purchased provides a way out of the sex industry for the ladies that have been in bondage to the sex trade, drug abuse, and often physical and mental abuse. Purchased is filled with women who are working and praying to end their career in the sex industry and start a new life free from bondage. We love that our business is doing something sweet to help the communiTEA.

Never again will your sweet tea cravings go unquenched.

Order your lollipops TODAY by clicking HERE!!

With every purchase, you get a mason jar tag that you can fully customize.

Have a cute saying or if the cat’s got your tongue you can choose
from the many customizable sayings we have available.

Send a personal message and a sweet southern treat to a
family member across the country or to a dear friend.

Below are examples of our tags:

lollipop custom mason jar tags
customizable mason jar tags

We Even Make Our Very Own SYRUP!!

Southern Sweet Tea Syrup is a thick amber colored syrup that when poured over pancakes, french toast or hot buttermilk biscuits brings you back to the front porch when an ice cold jar of sweet tea satisfied all your summertime desires. 

Our Delicious Lollipop Flavors Are:

Southern Sweet Tea

Slow brewed sweet tea – a southerners favorite

Bless Your Heart Honey

A touch of Louisiana honey with a brewed spiced tea blend

Hot Ta-Tea

Freshly-squeezed lemon with a shot of honey and vanilla.
Great for soothing sore throats

Sweet Heat

Sweet tea with jalapeno and red pepper heat

Perfect Peach Bellini

Locally grown peaches made into a syrup and mixed with a slow brewed sweet tea

Sunshine and Lemon

Mandarin orange tea with fresh squeezed lemons

Apple Cinnamon Tea

Sweet and spicy cinnamon and ripe juicy apples

Oh! So MintTea

Southern sweet tea brewed with fresh locally grown mint leaves

Lemon Ginger

These organic green tea lollipops are a blessing to the moms-to-be
who suffers from morning sickness

Salted Caramel Tea

A little Sweet and Salty Fall flavor

New Flavors Are Added Regularly!!!

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